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Black Beer & Rosemary

This soap, rooted in ancient Egypt, undertakes to cleanse body and hair and contributes significantl..

5.00€ 3.75€ Ex Tax: 3.75€

Chamomile & Calendula

Notable for its mildness, this pure soap, descendant of the white soap, take cares of sensitive skin..

5.00€ Ex Tax: 4.03€

Honey & Thyme

This soap, overwhelmed by the aura of the village, completes the eternal work of the bee and with it..

5.00€ Ex Tax: 5.00€

Pomegranate & Red Wine

Full of passion and love, this impulsive soap helps teenagers and adults to fall in love reducing oi..

5.00€ Ex Tax: 4.03€

Prickly Pear & Aloe Vera

Inspired by the warm climate of Crete, this therapeutic soap gives rich hydration to tired skin from..

5.00€ Ex Tax: 4.03€

Soma ELIA Olive Oil Cleansing Bar Soap

Olive oil soap for strong hair has been used since years from our grandmothers. This unscented bar s..

5.50€ Ex Tax: 4.44€

Soma RIVER OF EUPHRATES Oats Exfoliating Bar Soap

Natural cold process soap with oats which  has amazing exfoliat­ing, soothing and moisturiz..

5.80€ Ex Tax: 4.68€

Spirulina & Green Tea

A modern version of the green soap, much more gentle and effective. The antiseptic and antioxidant p..

5.00€ Ex Tax: 4.03€